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For the past 40 years, our firm has achieved a reputation of success in jury verdicts and settlements in Northern Nevada in a wide range of cases including birth injuries, wrongful death, defective and dangerous products, premises liability, boating accidents, automobile and trucking collisions, dangerous highways, insurance bad faith, medical malpractice, civil rights violations, and negligence cases generally. We have represented clients involving brain injuries, paraplegia, disability and wrongful death; and offer a Free Consultation to discuss your individual case.

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The firm has represented clients in Nevada in motor vehicle accidents on Nevada highways and on local streets and intersections. These negligent actions against the offending operator of the automobile or truck and his/her insurance company occur where the injured party is a passenger or an operator of a vehicle or a pedestrian injured at the hands of another. A conviction of DUI on the part of the defendant can lead to punitive as well as compensatory damages for the plaintiff's loss of income and pain and suffering.

This firm has also represented victims of slip and fall accidents, particularly in Nevada's casinos but also on other premises both residential and commercial. Additional liability could be available for dangerous products such as falling objects, hidden obstacles or defects in the defendant's property.

It is highly important to get an attorney involved in an accident case as early as possible. Our attorney prefers to visit the accident scene and talk to witnesses of the event ealy on. It is also important to evaluate the potential monetary damages: loss of income, medical expenses etc. and to notify all potential insurance carriers of defendants.

Do not give any statements to insurance adjusters or parties to the litigation without first discussing with our attorney.

Through 40 years of representing Nevada Plaintiffs in Personal Injury Litigation and Settlements, our lawyer has learned that early analysis and preserving evidence is crucial to a just award for your injuries and damages.